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Online Action forum : Meeting of local and solidarity actions

While the United Nations in 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals, 4 of the goals namely Reducing Poverty, Addressing Social Exclusion, Climate Change and Promotion and Peace and Non-Violence fall in direct relation to Jai Jagat. Within the scope of Jai Jagat it is believed that global violence and conflict can only be addressed by opening up spaces for dialogue. These spaces for dialogue could include Civil Society Organizations, People Living Conflict Zones, Displaced Populations and so on.

A virtual meeting of local and solidarity actions from September 26th to October 2nd: It is proposed that a meeting that illustrates horizontal (cross-border) sharing of local actions is to be held online. In this way people can learn from each other, and can develop solidarity relations. This virtual meeting would share local actions, identify new activities as a way to enlarge the Jai Jagat network, exchange case studies and focus on global solidarity campaigns, as well as prepare for the December meeting.


    April 30
    October 2